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Best radiators online selection only available in the UK. Let’s replace that feature wall you loved for 3 months. Instead bring style to any room with a feature radiator. Besides which it turns out one of them is they reduce energy use.



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High Output BTUS Radiators more Heat

High Output BTUS Radiators for that larger space or area to heat.

In order to get the right radiator for the right room we suggest you use the heat calculator. With this tool you can can choose the option that represents the room from a easy-to-use panel. After that at the calculator will show the lowest number needed to heat the room. In the same vein the design team have group together popular heat outputs in groups. Nicely grouped for you to easily choose you perfect radiator.

vertical radiators with high BTUs

High Output BTUS Radiators for that larger space or area to heat.

Vertical radiators with high BTU is  the main topic this year. In other words this season, the number one UK radiator is both hot in both ways. The reason being there are so many colours and styles. That you can be very hot looks and great output to any room. Tall slender radiators with high heat output can be used in any room. Over the last 18 months vertical radiators for kitchens has now become its own area on its own.



A great group of top brands to choose from all over the word. Furthermore it should be noted that only long standing companies are partnered. As well as that deal directly with the actual manufacturers means only real stock levels. Hence if we have not got it in stock there is a good chance no one has it.

No Zero Stock Selling

In addition not selling out of stock items. such as taking your money now then dealing with the problem later. If it is not in stock it is not for sale!

A diverse Range of Heating Beauty and Styles
  • Black tall radiators.
  • White wide radiators.
  • Chrome towel rail radiators.
  • Anthracite vertical radiators.
  • Silver column radiators.
  • Other mixed bright colour radiators.

The design team are always looking ta the trends in the UK radiator markets. When we find a new trend or see an area of UK interest. The design and online marketing team will look to add a new collection. This section is therefore always changing include only the cutting edge designs for 2019.

Quality Online Radiator Brands

Without a doubt the team have put together a great group of designer radiators for you. These modern radiators been carefully selected to bring you the most modern and stylish radiators available in the UK right now.

As UK fashions and trends change so too do the trends in online designer radiators UK. In other words this year the team see a new trend in the market. In fact this year are finding very new tastes and styles.



Latest trends and inspiration in interior design.

Trusted modern radiator brands

Above all the aim is to bring you high quality radiators online. Therefore the team have hand picked and made sure only the top brands. As well as that only stylish designer radiators for you to choose from. Whilst some other radiator online companies display a big choice of cheap radiators. In contrast only modern radiators can be found here. Brands like Terma Radiators, Carisa Radiators, Towelrads Radiators.

Vertical Radiators UK Customers Service

If you need any help at all the customer service team or happy to help. It could be something like needing help on choosing the right valve for your chosen radiator. Or simply just to confirm that your radiator is in stock and can be delivered as needed.

Please just call on free phone number 0800 861 1111 and one of the team will be happy to help. Further more we also have an online chat support team  to help in addition. Above all happy shopping safe shopping at Vertical Radiators UK!

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Finally if in doubt at all just check some of the reviews online. Make sure that reviews are on real sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. For example in particular reviews that are new. Also ones like from the many review sites that are well known.